Pioneering Vegetable-Derived "Complete Collagen" in the US
– A Clinically Proven Breakthrough.

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    What is Collagen?

    Collagen, obtained from animal sources including fish, is the main structural protein in the extracellular matrix. Collagen is composed of Amino Acids to provide structural support to skin, hair, nails, ligaments and tendons.

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    The Inevitable Decline

    As we age, Collagen production slows and Collagen quality diminishes. Even by the age of 25 collagen levels start to deplete. By the age of 50, collagen levels are typically lost by around 50%.

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    The Effects

    The Effects

    A reduction in Collagen level and quality results in wrinkle formation and skin loses its firmness and tone. It also compromises the skin’s barrier and causes dryness, breakouts and blemishes.

Collagen in its native form cannot be directly absorbed by the body, due to its long-chain triple-helix structure; thus, it is typically hydrolysed to free the amino acids for better absorption.

What is Vollatin-C? 

Vollatin-C is a complex of Amino Acids in the same proportion as those found within Collagen.
Some key benefits include:

  • Animal-Free Collagen

    Produced using vegetable-derived ingredients, making it a sustainable choice for collagen supplementation. 

  • Backed by Clinical Research

    Unlike most vegetable collagen supplements that merely boost or support, the Vollatin-C complete protein is lab-created using natural ingredients with proven beauty results.

  • Enhanced Bioavailability

    Includes synergistic ingredients such as biotin and vitamin C, creating an entourage effect that maximizes collagen absorption and efficiency.

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    Origin and production process

    • Unlike Collagen, which is from animal sources, Vollagen® is 100% plant-origin. It is produced using a proprietary, multistep fermentation and microencapsulation process with a starting material of Corn Starch (non-GMO).
    • The fermentation process allows us to obtain the exact combination and ratio of amino acids that we desire.
    • This, coupled with the microencapsulation steps, allows us to produce a cold water-dispersible powder. This is in stark contrast to the simply combining the equivalent individual amino acids, which exhibit very low solubility.
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    Mode of Action

    • Collagen in its native form can’t be absorbed by the body and so Marine Collagen is popular because it is hydrolysed to free the amino acids.
    • This is the exact aim of Vollagen®; to deliver the complex of Collagen Amino Acids for the body to utilise and to stimulate the body’s creation of further Collagen. Just without the animal-origin or hydrolysis.
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    Types of Collagen

    • There are many (28) types of Collagen, differentiated by where in the body they are formed and utilised, but the building blocks are the same.
    • While we see some technologies attempting to directly mimic individual Collagen Types, it is largely irrelevant because upon ingestion the body takes the building blocks and uses them as it sees fit.
    • Vollagen® provides the building blocks for all Human Collagen.

Vollatin-C vs. Collagen

Vollatin-C (Vollagen®) Collagen
100% Plant Origin
Cold-Water Dispersibility
Isolated Amino acids for easy body absorption
No Hydrolisis